Hello again! I saw this article when a person does her name in countries and I thought it looked fun so I also wanted to try but with capital cities insted!

S - Santiago

city, light, and photography image
Capital city of Chile! Looks like a very beautiful place with the mountains and the buildings!

O - Oslo

city, snow, and winter image
Capital city of Norway! I will probably visit Oslo soon, and I look forward! Its a very nice place!

F - Freetown

africa, beach, and paradise image
Capital city of Sierra Leone. It would be cool to visit Africa

I - Islamabad

islamabad, mosque, and pakistan image
Capital city of Pakistan! Islamabad is actually only capital city who starts with an I. Pretty mosque.

A - Amsterdam

light, city, and amsterdam image
Capital city of Netherlands. I love the buildings by the water in Amsterdam.

Thank you for reading! It was fun to do this! Have a nice day!