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I wanted to share with you this myth because I'm really in love with Greek mythology and I always thought that Orpheus and Eurydice's story was fascinating and beautiful.
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Orpheus was a peaceful human being, a lyre musician with an amazing music talent, that got married to a Nymph named Eurydice. They had a happy and harmonious life together and really loved each other.

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However, a sad day Eurydice went to the wood with a friend and accidentally stepped on a venomous snake. She got bitten and when Orpheus arrived it was too late, she was already dead.

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Orpheus was desperate and right after her funeral he decided to go to the Underworld to beg the Underworld King, Hades, to send his wife back to him.

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After a long and difficult route, he finally met Hades and asked him, to have his wife back to enjoy their mortal life together. Hades sympathized and let Eurydice go back to the mortal land with Orpheus but told him that Eurydice had to go after him all the way back and he was not allowed to look at her, or else she would disappear forever.

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Unfortunately, Orpheus was too worried for his wife and was so excited to see her again that he broke the prohibition before reaching the Earth and turned around to look at her, but she disappeared.

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He tried to turn back to the Underworld but all the gates were closed with no sign of Hades’s sympathy once again.
So he had to return to Earth, alone and feeling guilty. From that time on he lived a quiet life, singing and creating music about his endless love. After 4 years, Orpheus couldn't forget Eurydice and he didn’t fell for anyone else.

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But a group of irate women, furious that he ignored them and for his scorn towards them, chanced upon him. They killed him, cut his body into pieces and threw them and his lyre into a river.

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The Muses found him in the river and gave Orpheus a proper burial ceremony. People believed that his grave emanated music, plaintive yet beautiful.
His soul descended down to Hades where he was finally reunited with his beloved Eurydice.♡

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