Hey dear hearters. How are you doing today ? In the previous article, i gave some tips on how you can be a girlboss. Today, i am going to give you some tips about setting goals and reaching them. A girlboss should set hear goals and work for them. So let’s get started.
If you want to set your goals, you need to sit down, open your mind and do these things :

1. Write down the main goal, for example : Be an engineer.

2. Your five year goal : Based on your main goal of course, what you have to do in the next five years to reach your main goal.

3. Your one year goal : based on your five year goal, what’s the one thing you can do this year to get closer to your five year goal ?

4. Your monthly goal : based on your one year goal, write down the things you need to do each month to achieve your one year goal.

5. Your weekly goal : based on your monthly goal, what’s the one thing you have to do weekly to achieve your month goal ?

6. Your daily goal : based on your weekly goal, what’s the one thing you need to do today to achieve your weekly goal ?

While wiriting your goals , follow these tips

• Choose goals that will always motivate you.
• Choose realistic goals, something you can really do.
• You have to love what you want to do.
• Make your action plan and stick with it. (that’s why you should have goals that motivate you, you can’t work daily on something that you don’t really want to achieve).

Here are some advices to keep working on your goals :

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• Think about this goal like if it’s the only choice you have, you have to achieve it no matter what.
• Get rid of the bad things and habbits that stand between you and your goal.

• Make a list of the things you want to do, plan out everything.

• Clean your bedroom, your wokspace. A girlboss should work in a good environment.

• If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for people’s help.

• From time to time, check your goal’s list i talked about in the beginning [your monthly goals, weekly goals…] and see if you’re on track.

• Reward yourself, even after the smallest achievements.

That's it for today's article.
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