Hi everyone,

I’m back and today I want to reveal you my EVERYDAY MAKEUP ROUTINE.
PREMISE : Don’t criticize that’s only my routine and my opinions.

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It’s very important to clean your face every morning because during the night bacteria and dirt accumulate on it, and it’s also good for waking up.
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I know that a lot of people don’t do this but moisturizing it’s one of the most important things to do ! You have to use your moisturizing cream everyday and it’s better if you ask someone’s opinion to find the perfect one for your skin type.
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The primer is one of those things you can’t save on because it’s at the base of all the makeup, so even if it is expensive but it’s good one buy it and don’t think about. It’s money well spent !
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It’s a good alternative to the classic foundation because it moisturizes your skin and cover it very well.
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Pay attention to find the perfect shade for your kind of skin because if you use a too light tones a terrible effect comes out.
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For a very simple look use a eyebrow pencil and don’t apply it too much.
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I love highlighter, it’s my favorite makeup product. But pay attention to don’t use it too much if you don’t want to seems like a lamp!
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Personally I don’t use very often my mascara because I have very long lashes but if your eyelashes are very short, you better use it.
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If you have very dry lips you have to use it every morning and apply it several times a day (particular in winter when it’s cold).

Hope you enjoyed it !


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