#Girlboss, a hashtag we see a lot in our timelines these days. On weheartit, tumblr, instagram and twitter, just name it. But what exactly does 'girlboss' mean? Does it mean your a busy girl, a #fitgirl, a fashion guru or all of above?

I think you can create your own ''girlboss''. It has to be someone YOU create, because if it wouldn't be you, who's 'the boss' over you...

A lot of girls can really get insecure by seeing all of those so called girlbosses on their timeline who are 'prettier than her', travelling the world in their teenage years and are spending half of their day, every day in the gym for 'the perfect body'.
But they DON'T SHOW everything of their lives on the gram. Also those girls struggle with a lot, they just don't show it.
But the good moments that they DO SHOW can be really inspiring. (like taking that extra glass of water & one hour for themselves)
I just think you SHOULDN'T get insecure about yourself, because you are you, and nothing in the world should be able to change that.

I have been struggling a bit with this in the beginning too, but i found a way to get inspired and not see it as a trap for myself to fall into.

IF SHE CAN, I CAN TOO. (i mean, why not right?)

After a lot of reflecting (and i'm still reflecting) on myself, i got to know myself a bit more.

<What do i want, who do i want to be, where do i want to be>

That's step 1 (for EVERYONE) for creating your own girlboss.
To get to know yourself. For that, you have to be patient. But eventually you will see the things you have never ever seen about yourself, the world and the people you surround yourself with. I still don't know myself for a 100%, but that is okay, i accept that it takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of moments and situations too. Those can be the hard, sad moments that show us ourselfs, but also the happiest moments of our lives. We just HAVE TO BE PATIENT.

Thus i am not here to tell you what the 'Ideal girlboss' is. Because there isn't. Well only one. But that is the one YOU create for YOURSELF.

You are You. (cliché alert, i know, but it's true) There is only ONE of you, and that is what makes you original. WHEN you start to believe that, you can deal with every situation. You should do what you want to do, to be your best self and to create the girlboss, you want to be.

Just follow your lovely heart, beautiful soul, smart mind and your magical dreams. And everything will be as you want it to be*. Because YOU ARE YOUR OWN GIRLBOSS.

*(And if it doesn't is what you want it to be, when you want it to be... Just try again, till you make it. Because the fact that you are already trying proofs that you can do it!!!

(I am not saying you HAVE TO HAVE a girlboss mindset or something. It is just something i have noticed a lot on the socials. This article is just meant for the girls who are interested in a girlboss mindset. But you shouldn't feel rushed in doing this or something. Go live your life the way you want to live it. I am just writing about something i want to write about because i see so many people struggle with this.)