The cold wind kissed her soft cheeks as she stared at him. His silhouette towering over her, his face stone cold. His high cheekbones and pointy nose reflected the power that radiated through him. He was named the son of Aphrodite, his beauty overwhelming and mesmerizing, making people fall in love with him. And she wasn’t an exception. Her eyes showed her love towards him, shining bright as a star, reflecting the galaxies of her thoughts. She hated him. She hated the way he made her feel love, so scary yet so calming. A sigh left her lips as he looked her in the eyes. His eyes. His eyes was what she couldn’t resist. His eyes screaming, fire rising within. But no words were shared. He just turned around, his elegance making her shake. He turned his head slightly, looking back at her small petite figure. He smirked on how she would become so weak just by looking at her. He liked her. More than he should. But after all he was the son of Aphrodite, he was made to love.