Hello, I´m new and before I start to write articels, I thought it was a good idea to tell something about me and you can get to know me a little more:

1. I´m from germany
2. I´m 14 years old
3. I life in a small town( boooooooring)
4. I love to play hockey (also im not really good ;))
5. I love to read!
6. My favourite bands are: the kooks, twenty one pilots, the neighbourhood and arctic monkeys
7. I´m 1,60 meters tall(smallest person in class)
8. I have a upsetion for sunsets and sunrise
9. I hate sweet food
10. I can speak english, german and frenche
11. I have no about which this blog will be
12. I hope you follow me XD
13. I hope you understand my english:)