I saw everyone doing this challenge and I decided to give it a try + it is my very first articles in WHI ^-^ .*1. Style*

pink, aesthetic, and glasses image pink, aesthetic, and tumblr image aesthetic, indie, and alternative image
girl, pink, and tumblr image
basically everything in pink (´∇`)

2. Colors

pink, aesthetic, and pastel image cake and kawaii image Image by A✧*ೃ༄ indie, pastel, and spring image
pastel ✧*ೃ༄

3. Animals

dog, cute, and animal image cat, animal, and aesthetic image dog, animals, and aesthetic image cat, animal, and kitty image
cats and dogs >.<

4. Foods

milk, aesthetic, and pink image sushi, aesthetic, and food image aesthetic, pocky, and food image aesthetic, coffee, and beige image
+ sushi, milk, pocky & coffee ♡

5. Drama

aesthetic, Save Me, and tumblr image M and temperature of love image the heirs, الورثة, and تشوى يونج دو image aesthetic, bae suzy, and tumblr image
+ my top 4 kdrama +

6. Hobbies

bullet journal, bujo, and inspiration image apple, book, and iphone image
journaling & listening to the music :3

7. Music

food, kpop, and Jae image
day6's songs are the best !

8. Nationality

goals, Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysia image city, KL, and Kuala Lumpur image architecture, summer, and celebration image Kuala Lumpur and malaisie image
i'm a malaysian <3