Lately I've been in love. Its mad to even say that but here we are. I've put it down to one event. One night. One person. See I fell in love. Like they say at first sight. Obviously it was unrequited. It wasnt him I fell for. It was the whole consept. Everything he stood for. What he represented.

His sound. His persona. The idea of unlike any other guy I've liked I could stand a chance with him. He was local. He was unheard of. At this point I should explain that mark was a musician. The front man of a band. Everything I've ever admired in a person. We had things in commen. We listened to the same music. We had the same morels. It seemed like it was perfect. But once I walked away from the venue I realised the harsh reality. It hit me like a pane of glass.

I would never speak to this guy again. He had his own life. His own friends. But that didnt mean I couldnt love the idea of him. It made me realise that there is people like that out there. That was just the first one I've met. I love the idea of coming across people even if they're rare.