you know, im no hopeless romantic. i cry the poetry out of despair and i wrap everything beautiful in my arms rather than imprisoning it behind the grilles of rhymes.
you know you are no hopeless romantic as well. confessing love to me for the first time got you hiding behind your boyish mischief and i caught you blushing under the january alight snowflakes. when i replied "oh. im sorry", you quickly changed the subject. we have never been made for words, but for actions.

i remember seeing you for the first time. you entered my class, confused and out of breath, because you probably had overslept, like always. i loved your hair. you sat in the behind me and lying on the desk, you disconnected yourself from reality by listening to music really loud and staring out of the window to the worst view ever. unlike me. you were my view for long months. after a short time, we started talking about anime, music and stuff. i didnt mind people thinking we were dating, even though we didnt even talk out of school, because we were too shy to follow each other on social medias. at first, i thought you only were my teenage crush. but after going out for the first time in the summer, i learned the difference between crush and affection. six months later, when you kissed me for the first time, i finally understood the difference between affection and love.

affection is getting roses from your lovers and putting them in the vase full of crystal water.
love is getting roses to grow inside of you whenever you and your lover have a nice time together, talking about things that make all the universes expand. either the ones around you or those within you two.

we can go days without seeing each other. we can go days without kissing or holding hands. but we can never go a single day off without thinking about each other; like when i text you that i saw this cute dog or when you text me just to proudly announce me your latest score in the video game knowing that i show off no interest in games whatsoever. you understand me, i understand you. all your flaws, all my flaws. you have never tried to change me. so havent i. because this is not what soulmates do. we dont try to change and dont use blame as the only way to solve problems. we stay strong.
in fact, if there is anything more certain than death, then it's the fact that we belong together.

if there is anyone reading this,, i know that you might have found this boring a little bit. i dont blame you. but please. if you ever love someone so hard, they complete you; dont ever try to change them. dont make them feel guilty for the way they were born, dont blame them if they dont act how you expected them to. let them be themselves. and if they dont let you be yourself, it's time to find the new soulmate.
have a nice day, i love you all.