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Today I felt the urge to share a list of my all time favorite youtube channels, because I feel that most of them are really underrated given how inspiring they are. Feel free to check them out and send me your thoughts!

Kalyn Nicholson

She's been my #1 favorite youtuber for many years. I can't even describe how inspirational, interesting and real she is. She never fails to amaze me and every time she uploads I get motivated to turn my life upside down. She has the cutest doggie, Bentley, not to mention the fact that I can't get enough of her relationship with her boyfriend. They're meant for each other! Her videos are about fitness, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, books and vlogging. If you choose to watch just one of the channels I mention, this should be it. She even has a We Heart It account.

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Kalyn Nicholson
Kalyn Nicholson

Alex Centomo

Again, one of the greatest youtubers ever! She also has a vlogging channel, Alex and Dan where she shares videos almost every day. She has an adorable puppy as well, Boo, and she is engaged to her love, Daniel. Her channel's content is generally the same as Kalyn's and she travels a lot, so if you're down for some spectacular views, check her out!

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...as in Iskra Lawrence, a model with an amazing personality! She is so sweet and positive, ah, I love her! Her videos are motivational and body positive. Don't miss her out!

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Valeria Lipovetsky

She's a model, a youtuber and a mommy of two. She posts vids about beauty, fashion and fitness and she also vlogs. She has such a unique personality and she always makes me smile!

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OK, this is the most underrated channel out of all of these. This girl is so inspiring, let me tell you. Her channel has a little bit of everything, from studying to fitness and beauty. She deserves many more subscribers, so let's help her achieve this dream!

Whitney Simmons

I can't thank this girl enough for making me get into fitness and love it! Whit has such a bubbly, awesome personality (and two dogs, of course). Fitness is her passion and she uploads workout & health videos, as well as fitness gear hauls.

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Jess and Gabriel

Guys, guys. We're talking about actual relationship goals here. Like, if my marriage/relationship isn't like that, I don't want it. The love these two have for each other is unbelievable. Jess and Gabriel is their vlogging channel, but they both have separate channels as well, Jess Conte and Gabriel Conte. They, again, have a lil pup, Milo and their vlogs always cheer me up.

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Linus Bruhn

LAST but absolutely not least, is Linus Bruhn. He's a German teenage boy with an angelic voice, who uploads covers of famous songs. He participated in the german The Voice and he killed it. In my opinion, he has a far better voice than many of the famous singers nowadays and he undoubtedly deserves way more recognition. Whenever he uploads I fangirl a little because he has such a sweet smile and an unforgettable voice.

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