these just 5 facts about me that no on actually cares about but i'm bored :)

1. i live in scotland. no i'm not bffs with nessie. it does rain so much though and the area that i live in, its sooooo windy.

2. i love ariana grande, shawn mendes, the vamps, camila cabello and billie eilish so much omg

3. i was born with a cleft palette and have yearly orthodontist appointments at the hospital and will probably need jaw surgery when i'm a lil older :/

4. i have only been to 5 or 6 concerts and they were all of the vamps and i'm going to another concert of them next month lol

5. i'm veeery short lol, i'm 4'11. i also have tiny wrists, hands, feet and legs. my shoe size is 3 (U.K. size, idk if its different elsewhere). people in my class always comment on it too lmao

that's it! i'm new to we heart it to idek if you can comment on these things but if so, comment a fact about you! :)