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Today I'm hopelessly in the holiday mood, although summer is still several months away... but dreaming costs nothing, doesn't it? ;-)

So here I am, writing this Article to let my mind and yours fly away and explore uncontaminated lands where the water is crystal clear, the sand is white as a pearl and the sky is blue as only a cloudless sky can be ...

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Want to join me in this journey? Scroll down and get ready to daydream in 3...2...1...


French Polynesia: Bora Bora

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French Polynesia: Tahiti

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Italy: Sardinia

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Italy: Puglia

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Italy: Sicily

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Italy: Liguria

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Spain: Minorca

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Canarias: Tenerife

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So guys, did you enjoy the journey?

I absolutely did, cause, oh my gosh, these places are so beautiful! I would love being there right now!
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Thank you so much for reading!

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