A couple of years ago I went through a depression and since have been able to get out of it. I still fall back in sometimes, but I'm just a really sensitive person to energies and such. This is my anti-depressive, pro-happiness, step-by-step guide to pulling yourself out.

- this works for myself and I hope it does with you too (remember everyone's different so it may not work, but it's worth a shot.) Good luck!

The first thing you should get into the habit of is waking up and getting up by a certain time every morning. For me it's 10 o'clock every morning - I make sure I'm up, eaten, showered and dressed and ready for the day. this stops me from staying in bed all day doing nothing, sometimes when I'm really not feeling it I'll just get up, eat, shower and change pyjamas, and then go back to bed. it's not perfect but so much better than the alternative.

Talk to yourself. Sounds crazy but trust me, this was a major key when it came to my happiness. By talking to yourself you order your thoughts and free them from the space in your head. At first, it may feel unnatural but it becomes so easy that you don't even think about it before you do it. It allows you to really process your thought.

Diet is such a large factor when it comes to quality of life and emotional well being. (Meats, eggs and dairy products promote depressive states so try to stay away from them.) Fresh air is just as important as diet is, if not more, so please, open a window. The access your brain has to oxygen is so important.

Stay off of social media for the meantime, it only allows you to compare your life to other people's as well as connect you to a world of materialism. Social media is the best way to waste time and let the day go by having done nothing productive or even leaving your bed, I don't like to be reached unless I choose to be. I usually log off Monday to Saturday and catch up on Sundays. I began just having one day off, and then eased my self into six - (let me know if you want me to write a whole separate article on this because I really could.)

Finally, affirmations. For me, this consisted of saying aloud every morning "this is going to be a good day" and forcing myself to believe it or at least pretend I do. Other affirmations I like are things like "I love myself" - I used to say throughout out the day that I hated myself and decided that every time I said or wanted to say that I would say I love myself (not always in an affirmation-y way, sometimes laughing at myself.) I would say something stupid and embarrass myself, think "I hate myself" but laugh and say that I love myself. It sounded sarcastic I think but that's okay.

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Love, Katelyn (I'm rooting for you)