"Today is a good day to try."

I received this from a fortune cookie not too long ago.

As I write this, we have already entered the third month of 2018.

I wanted to try to challenge myself with small things, to better myself and maybe to build a little more self-confidence.

And I was inspired by the 365 Day Happiness Challenge (https://www.popsugar.com/smart-living/365-Day-Happiness-Challenge-40503848?crlt.pid=camp.68HWjXTW9sLF).

I know that realistically, I will never be able to complete the 365 tasks. So I adapted it, removed those that are less culturally appropriate for my context and those that I have have already done maybe on a frequent basis, added a few of my own, set a remarkably smaller number of tasks and over a slightly longer period of time (6 months starting from March).

Will record my progress under my collections too.

September is a significant month for me, so if I am really able to complete this (or most of this), I probably will feel a sense of achievement for myself. And maybe it can really help me get a little closer to bettering myself and building more self-confidence :)