just like everybody else I have songs that I connect with certain memories. I want to share some of those memories...

Raspberry by Grouplove
( I remember that I was just discovering my music taste and I found the band Grouplove. This was my favourite song by them and I could listen to "Oh Carolina" 134343 times. Wanting to share this amazing song with others , I played it in the car with my mom and my older brother. And he said that this was the worst song he ever heard. But I stood up against him and did not let his opinion influence my taste. I love this song to this day)

Burning Down The House - Talking Heads
( This song reminds me of the best night I have ever had. I am going to write an article about that night some time in the future. Basically I showed this song to my crush and he loved it so much. I will never forget his excitment)

if you want to know what kind of music my crush is listening to follow this playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/annamikey/playlist/7bPVKwJp425pTU6PY4HDHU?si=YlNBx0zLQJi9tSsDE9FDww

Words don`t come so easily - Lower Than Atlantis
(I met a really good friend of mine at a 5SOS concert back in 2014. She is from Lithuania and I am from Germany. We texted each other constantly after the concert and she showed this band to me. This song is a complete masterpiece. We are still friends and this is our song)

Holding Me Down - Ryan McMullan
( I actually went to an Ed Sheeran concert alone last year. The tickets were sold out really fast and I only got one. But it did not bother me much. When the pre-acts were announced I discovered this amazing singer. He sounded so good live and he said to meet him after the concert. I did and he was just the sweetest person.)

Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
(This was actually the band that pulled me into my emo phase. My friend showed me this song on New Years Eve and I became obsessed with it. My emo phase was so embarassing honestly)

Gulia - Nevio Passaro
(When we were very young, me and my friend got a CD every christmas with songs from the past year. We had a friend named Julia and we always thought the song was about her. We used to dance very dramatically to this and sing words we did not know because we did not know any Italian)

Speakeasy - Alex Ernst
(this is actaully a very recent memory. As usual I was stalking people on spotify and came across an account from Alex Ernst. I am a huge fan of David Dobrik so of course I knew how Alex was. But when I heard his voice I started screaming so loud. Who would have imagined this voice?!?)

If you wanna know more songs I listen to you should follow my spotify. My username is annamikey