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March 1st 2018
First kiss

I was laying in bed with this guy who I had known for years. We were just getting ready to go to sleep and I looked over at him, and I noticed suddenly that he looked very attractive.

My eyes trained on his chest, shadows danced over the ridges of his muscles has he breathed. He started talking about something, and as he did he kept leaning in closer to me and his speech slowly drowned out as his lips were a breath away from mine. He put his lips to mine in a passionate swirl of emotion, and butterflies unfurled in my stomach. Until his tongue was full on in my mouth and I couldn’t breath, so I choked and broke away from him laughing. “I can’t breathe.”

I was super flustered because that was my first kiss, nothing like I’d expected it to be.

The funny thing is, even though I’m pretty sure that kiss was too much action from his tongue; I wanted more of it.

I leaned in and started another kiss, more subtle than the last and his lips and tongue were gentle. Mingled with our deep intakes of breath, in tune with the thrumming of our hearts. The kiss dissolved into many more fiery passionate ones as the night went on, until I woke up.

This dream was short and sweet but nevertheless it was interesting. I'm sad that it wasn't real! Oh, If only!