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This dream has to be one of my favorites because of its meaning. Before going to sleep, I was extremely self-conscious and felt like crap. But my better conscious decided to pay me a visit in my dream and cheer me up.
January 14th 2018
Self Love

I was attending this school/community of girls and I parked my car under the undercover area. When entering the building it was a lot like entering a shopping centre actually.

I don't know why I was dressed in rags, but I was very self conscious about it. I basically wore a huge oversized yellow shirt, no pants and slippers and felt very down/depressed about myself.

We had a special guest today, and he was devilishly handsome. He was a young but wise man, his face was chiseled and he had a tall lean frame. I think he was all dressed in white, but a specific thing I remember is that he wore an eye patch with the letters l o v e cut out and stuck onto it.

I watched him ahead of me, walking from the car park he waved to multiple girls who walked by giggling and whispering about him.

He was a teacher with a lot of charisma, and was at our school/community to hold some sort of special ceremony. He had a powerful effect on all of us, similar to a prophet.

Time passes by, and I’m sitting down with my friend at this table with other girls and they were all saying how amazing this teacher was. My friend was also raving on and on about him, saying “I’d love to talk to him if you know what I’m sayin!”

He was actually a short distance away from us, walking around the space while girls flocked to him and came up to talk to him. But it wasn’t normal; for instance I saw a girl with a desperate look in her eyes as she came towards him and dropped down onto her knees at his feet and cried for love/mercy.

As she got up a little from the ground, he simply stroked her hair with a warm smile.

My friend and I looked at each other in anticipation. Now he was staring at our group, notably with that beautiful warm smile. He walked over very slow and steady, hands behind his back, circling the table until his eyes latched onto me.

The man sat down next to me and the whole table went silent. Girls gathered around and watched him with wide eyes, desperate to hear his words. He started talking to me with such an aura it made me smile and giggle nonstop. I cast my gaze to the floor and said “I look like a rag today.”

“No you look perfect for today. You are dressed for our ceremony, are you not?” His voice was so smooth, deep and comforting that I was completely smitten. He resembled a young Keanu Reeves, who spoke slow and full of purpose.

He gave me a big insightful speech that I can’t remember, and then he got up and left to prepare for the ceremony. I turned to my friend, feeling like my soul had just been cleansed of all its negative energy. I couldn’t stop smiling and blushing, but she on the other hand didn’t look happy, which was odd.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

The girl huffed. “He thinks he’s so good with those letters on his—“ she gestured to the upper half of her face. Meaning his eye patch. She proceeded to talk sh!t about him for a while, calling him a “pompous bastard.”

I don't know why she suddenly didn’t like him, but time jumped forward to after the ceremony were everyone was going home. The teacher had told us about something he set up for us, and that we must complete something with it in order to be enlightened or something special like that. I can’t exactly remember.

As soon as we burst through the doors to the car park, there was a timer counting down at 49 minutes. All the girls shrieked and started running into their cars and drove off dangerously. And of course I forgot where the hell I parked my car, but then I remembered I left my car keys and all my other stuff in my locker. Angry, I stormed back into the building with a female teacher to get my stuff.

I believe that this man in my dream, was the living embodiment of my confidence/self love. The next day when I woke up, I felt damn good!