Hey Hearters!

It's another night where my thoughts have gotten the best of me. If you see my instagram bio says "Overthinker" which tbh is very true for me. I'm not sure why, but whenever a thought pops into my mind, it just takes over even so far to the point of me getting a headache! But instead of letting my thoughts just stay in my head, I decided to express myself/share my thoughts with you. Here goes...

Recently in my life I went through a change of plans and I decided to keep a low profile from everyone, except my family, because I was not in a good place to face people. However, I realized that it was hurting me that I hadn't told my friends the truth about my plans so I decided to because I felt it was causing distance between us. So I told them, but things took a turn for the worst and I don't know where we stand.

I had thought my BFF would've been there for me and she was, but I don't think my bff and I are close anymore. I know when we weren't talking she was talking with others although she claims she was distant with them too, but I don't think as much with me.

Today I decided...

to be alone in my thoughts and believe me it led to a lot of thinking.

If I question your actions, then I'm dropping you

Now in certain instances I have done that with people, but now I think I need to do this with people I think are my "friends" and just be alone with myself. To focus on myself. To grow as a person. It may hurt in the beginning, but I think along this journey not only will I discover things about myself but I'll see who will really be there for me and who actually is a friend.

Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to check out my articles and posts!

xoxo Maddie :)