In this article I tell you some facts about me. I will tell about:
- My favourite series;
- Singers
- Colors
- Animals
- Brands
- Food
- & the places I’ve visited

Have fun reading!

❥ Series

teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan sprayberry image gossip girl, blake lively, and leighton meester image damon, the vampire diaries, and dance image lucy hale, pretty little liars, and ashley benson image
➳ Teen wolf, gossip girl, the vampire diaries & pretty little liars. All these series are on Netflix.

❥ Singers

ariana grande and dangerous woman tour image zara larsson image dua lipa, beauty, and singer image artist, celebrity, and camila image
➳ Ariana Grande, Zara Larson, Dua Lipa, Camilo Cabello

❥ Colors

drink, pink, and food image shoes, fashion, and girl image fashion, girl, and hair image beauty, products, and fashion image
➳ Pink, blue & bordeaux red

❥ Animals

animal, world, and cat image dog, cute, and puppy image aesthetic, girl, and summer image Image removed
➳ Cats, dogs & dolphins

❥ Brands

fashion, tommy hilfiger, and tommy jeans image Image by marie m. Calvin Klein, fashion, and girl image shoes, nike, and fashion image

➳ Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Nike

❥ Food

delicious, food, and pizza image food, donuts, and sweet image food, fries, and delicious image strawberry, fruit, and healthy image
➳ Pizza, donuts, fries, strawberry

❥ Places I’ve visited

girl, fashion, and hair image hollywood, california, and los angeles image building, sky, and view image blue, colorful, and city image
➳ France, USA, Malaysia, Curaçao

Tysm for reading!
Love, C

➳ You can find the pictures I used in these collections