Before I start,
Mental illness can destroy many people, if you ever suffer from depression or other mental illness, don't stay alone, dare to talk about it to someone (a friend, a member of your family or to a doctor, there's number you can call). But NEVER stay alone ! It's the worst thing to do.
And if you ever see someone suffer from it, help them, simple words, simple gesture can mean a lot.
My advices can not cure mental illness but I try to help people to go through it. I also hope they will help those who feel very sad, are in a bad mood. And never forget : even when we tremble on a flower, the flower will grows up again, so why not you ?

My first advice :

Believe :

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You have to believe in two things : in yourself and in future !
I know it's hard to believe in yourself when you (think you) missed up everywhere and everything but honey, you are a HUMAN ! If you know someone who has never failed, please introduce me to this person ! If you start to believe that you can do it, then you will ! I think that believe is the root of success. And it's hard to but believe in future, believe that someday the pain will end, you can have a bad day, many bad days or even bad weeks. But everything has an end. I promise, someday you go to bed and
will say "I had a good day".

Plan, have goals

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Stop saying "I wish" and start to say "I will" ! So get up from your bed and start to work for your dreams. It will be hard ? Of curse. It will take time ? It will. But does it worth it ? Yes. If you believe in yourself then you have a good start. Now start to work to realize your dreams and don't be afraid to fail. Many people fail before they achieve their goals. But if you work for a thing and you succeed in doing it, you'll gain trust. You can start by simple things, having a good grade, finish a book... And also, focus on your goals, in your future will help you to fogger your past for an instant.
And remember, you can loose in trying but you can never win in doing nothing.

Treat yourself right and love yourself

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Stop hurting yourself. Most of the time we are too hard towards ourselves. We should treat ourselves like we would treat a friend. The way we treat ourselves teach to other how to treat us. You have to learn to love yourself, you have qualities you are not fill with flaws. Start to take care of you.

If you don't like a thing, change it.

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If you find yourself ugly, don't like your body, you have two choices : you learn to love yourself OR you try to change it.
But ! WARNING : don't change to please society ! Change to please yourself and only you ! Don't go on hunger strike to be thin like Victoria Secrets Angels ! You'll be happy ? I don't think so. It's not because you are not thin, blond or tall that you are not beautiful. Society is stupid !
So, if you don't like something change it. Change your haircut, do sports, eat better (not less !). Do things that please you and it will show on your face. Also if you don't like the things you do, stop it. DOn't like people around you, meet new people. Also, learn to face your problems and stop to run away. It won't be easy but it will worth it.

Be positive and focus on things that make you happy.

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I tell you a story :
Once upon a school day, a teacher gave an exam to his pupils. When all the pupils looked at the paper, all they saw was a blank page with just a black point on it. Their teacher said "describe to me what you see on the paper". All the student start to write about the black point, to explain its place in the middle of the paper. When they have finished, the teacher red all their work and told them "you all focus on the little black point, but no-one talk about the white paper. We do the same things in life, we focus on dark things and we forget the good ones that happen to us".
I'm sure that you have good things that happen to you but you are blind by sadness and grief. Focus on good things, on things and people that make you happy. You can be happy about little things like "I'm gonna eat a good cake" or "I'll go to the cinema with my best friends". Enjoy all this little moment in your life.

I hope my advices will help you to fix yourself.
Oh and if you didn't know, Roma was built on ruins...