women and girls are taught and told how to keep a man or boy
how to put a man or boy - before you put yourself
how to love him unconditionally,
just because
he could potentially love you.
we treat them right,
so they can love us.
They love us,
sometimes- just because they like how we treat them.
sometimes men use us,
to get what they want.
not s.x, but they want attention, or validation, or someone to be there for them.
some men and boys are selfish.
and women and girls don't know how to love theirselves
the way they want a man to
I been a girl,
in love with the idea of having someone love me,
because it feels a little better,
but I didn't know
that some people love
only when it benefits them,
only because it benefits them.

So I think its important that
women and girls love a man because he loves her first,
and he loves her because he loves her because he wants to, for who she is.
women and girls should not pay so much attention to men
but life live the simple way.
don't look for a man to like you or wanna wife you.
just live..like men do.
they live until they see a women
that they really wanna outstand.
just live life and the right man will come to you.
or when you have seen the world and did all you wanted
you can find him.

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  • Travel, see the world

I just recently thought about wanting to travel from a Youtuber named herbivore beauty. She dropped out of college to travel the world. 😂 I don't think you should do that, but I do think travelling is cool. A country away or another state. Travelling and seeing the world is good for you. The world is big and everywhere isn't like where you live. It can help you become more cultured, or just give you an experience living somewhere different and a insight on that part of the world.

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  • Learn a new language, that could take a few years. Few years learning a new language then spending your time focused on love.

I want to learn arabic and spanish.

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  • Meet people

Be yourself and try to connect with people. Your life will be better, fun with good people in it.

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  • Chase your dreams

You only life once.

Kira Lu