I have very vivid dreams from time to time, and I find that it's actually good to document them and reflect on what they mean. Some dreams are easy to understand while others are completely random, but anyway. Let's cut to the chase:

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April 27th 2016

I was sitting in my class for 1st period, and we were in the science lab where a female teacher was marking off our names. I sat at a two seater desk by myself and turned to look at the two new boys behind me. One looked like he was a little kid whereas the other boy next to him oh, he looked like a grown man. A HOT COLOGE SMELLING MAN WITH A SHARP JAW COVERED IN STUBBLE AND A SET OF NARROW BROWS FRAMING THE MOST INNOCENT DARK BROWN EYES!

(At the time I had this dream, I really liked Nick Bateman so I'm pretty sure this guy was influenced by him haha.)

But the funny thing was, I was so immersed in this universe that I was super convince that this was happening right now. So I thought to myself, "Oh my god, this is real. This is so real. I'm gonna tell everyone about this!" I turned back to the teacher, but from the corner of my eye I stared at the boys and tuned into their conversation.

"Hey, do you wanna work together for this project?" It was the kids pre-pubescent voice that spoke.

"Yeah sure." Hot guy spoke back to this kid quiet friendly to what I was expecting. He had this rough footballer exterior and arrogant air about him, but he also had these gorgeous puppy eyes and instantly I knew he would be easily approachable.

I was seriously overwhelmed to speak to this hottie, like I needed to grab this chance before it would slip through my fingers at any given moment. I never really had a crush on any of the other guys in our grade because they didn't fit my criteria, they were all smaller than me and looked nothing like a grown, muscular man.

Though new hottie over here was a clear godsend just for me.

I whipped my head around and looked straight at him with a smile. "What's your name?"

(He said his name but I cant remember what it was.)

I noticed he had lots of black tribal tattoos behind his white school shirt, across his collar bone and to his left bicep. I lost my speech as I could not stop examining him and he kept looking at me with those innocent puppy eyes.

Without any hesitation I asked. "Are you of Maori descent? You seem like you are..."

He was buff like those NRL (football basically) players, so thats what led me to ask that insensitive question.

"Ah no I'm from Italy."

That was music to my ears. And I could no longer act cool or natural. "Ohhh, you from Italianoooo huh?" I giggled.

(Major cringe)

And then I woke up super embarrassed and sad because I thought It actually happened.