To him, the person who made me believe in love and made me fall deeply in love...
I only knew his name and I never thought I'd ever like him one day: I had barely talked with him in one year but I was seeing him every day ... However, we became close, I liked talking with him he was funny, kind and passionate. One day, after making a stupid mistake and hurting me, he asked me for forgiveness... and he revealed to me that he loved me and wanted to go farther with me ... but I've never responded directly to his declaration. I was stupid and did not know what to do ...
It took me a while to realize that I had real feelings for this person. He wasn't perfect and I knew he had many flaws but I did not care about that because I saw and I still see only the good in him.
So, It took me a lot of courage to told him but ... the hardest was to mention that I wanted nothing between him and me despite everything. I know I was COMPLETELY stupid.

I hurt him and I regret it so much that it was in the end, I the most unhappy. So I changed my decision and decided to take the risk, even though I knew it was me who was going to end up hurt. However, nothing happened as I thought ...
We were supposed to see us on a Friday night but he didn't showed up. At this moment, I remember feeling so many emotions: anger (well ... I made myself believe it since I've never really been able to be angry with him), betrayal, disappointment, sadness...
But it wasn't even the worst: after, he told me, by text message, that he wanted nothing between us because he was afraid of hurting me and that was the last thing he wanted to do. So, after all I had to do and go through, he didn't want anything.
He hurt me so much time and each time I forgot him.
He was afraid of hurting me,
But boy, you've already hurt me.
You should never have played with me.
I needed you but you never been there for me...
At least, I tried, you told me about your sorrows of love, I listened to you and I helped you as much as I could.
You are the first person I have allowed myself to love and you will be the first person to hurt me forever. Remember that.
I will not forget you easily and I hope you know it, a first love is not forgotten that easily.
Tomorrow, you will be all my thoughts.
In a week, I will still not understand your choice but I will always think of you.
In a month, I will miss you.
In two months, I will still cry your absence.
In three months, I will regret.
In four months, I will be angry at me.
In a year, you will be my first heartbreak of unforgettable and painful love.
In five years, you will no longer be the boy who hurt me, but the one who made me stronger.

I love you,
the girl who loved you more than you did

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