Hello babes, it's Olivia again. I've recently been planning better and just getting my life together, so I'm going to share how I've been doing that will all of you lovely people.

Meal Prep
Preparing your meals in advance helps make sure you won't eat out or grab fast food for the convenience because you already have a home cooked meal.

Using apps like Yummly and Pinterest give you different meal prep ideas for any type of diet and preferences. It also gives you a range of choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts. Personally I like buddha bowls, salads, chicken based meals, wraps, and most Asian cuisine.

For the most efficient system, cook your chosen meals on Sunday night. Refrigerate if needed and label what days what meals are for, this allows you to grab and go in the morning. Use a recycle bag for your "lunchbox" and try to use glass containers to better protect the environment.

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Always try to spice up what you bring so it doesn't get boring or draw you to eating out.

Plan the night before
The night before you head out to school, work, vacation, etc. make sure your bags are packed with all the essentials you'll need. Get out everything you'll need for your skin care routine, hair, accessories, and outfit.

For your outfit pick out all pieces you're going to wear the next day and set them out. For me that's my bag, coat, outfit, bra, underwear, shoes, accessories, etc. Make sure they're laid out before you go to bed so when you wake up you can just get dressed.

Whilst packing your bag make sure everything you'll need for the day is in there. In my bag I have a charger (wall and portable), headphones, laptop, planner, book, wallet, keys, camera, snacks, water bottle and my meal for the day depending on what I'm doing. Having my bag all ready to go in the morning along with my outfit just makes it easier to get out the door and get going with my day quicker.

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Find a comfortable bag to carry everything in, but make it stylish as well.

Getting enough sleep is so important for your health and it sets up your whole day. Going to bed early and getting enough sleep will allow you start your day earlier with more energy.

Sleeping with silk pillowcases benefits your hair, less aggressive and prevents as much friction. Just as well sleeping with a good comforter and blankets will keep you more comfortable and draw you into sleep faster.

For those of you like me I need to sleep with a sound machine, humidifier, and fan. The sounds help me sleep, humidifier is for my skin and body, and the fan regulates the temperature in my room so I don't overheat at night.

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Comfy beds = good night's sleep.

Self Care
Taking some time for yourself is the most important part of becoming the true goddess you are. Have a routine to give yourself the time, love, care, and pampering you deserve.

Invest in a good skin care routine so you can have glowing and beautiful skin that you love. Personal hygiene too. Shower and wash your hair, put on a hair and face mask, paint your nails, do your brows, etc. Just give your body the proper attention and care it deserves to benefit your physical health and give you a confidence boost.

Treat yourself to a day out. Go shopping, get a manicure/pedicure, go to the spa, curl up and read a book, binge your favorite TV show, bake, cook, spend the day with friends, hike, hammock, run, do yoga, and do whatever you want to treat yourself.

Read every day whether it be a book, magazine, news article, blog, etc. Just feed your mind every day, it's proven that people who read more are more successful and retain knowledge better. Just keep your brain active and give it the same care you do your body.

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Love yourself, not an ideal image of yourself.

Exercise benefits the body, mind, and soul. It's an important part of your daily routine and life that many people ignore. So stop it, stop saying maybe later or I can do it tomorrow. Do it now and do it for at least 60 minutes a day.

Try different kinds of exercise like yoga, running, swimming, rock climbing, cycling, HIIT, team sports, kickboxing, etc. If you're shy about working out in front of people apps like Nike Training Club and videos from YouTube can help give you ideas and workouts to do at home.

Begin your day with a light stretch or workout to help just get your metabolism going and body ready for the day. Workout again at the end of your day and make sure to nourish your body after the workout with a light snack and water. Hydrate throughout the day and your workouts to regulate your body.

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Find workouts you love that you'll want to do.

Wake Up Early
Get a jumpstart on your day and wake up earlier than usually do. This will give you more time for your morning routine and you won't stress as much about running late.

Waking up early will give you more time to do your morning workout, skin routine, hair, makeup, get dressed, eat, and read before you have to walk out the door. Enjoy your morning and be able to enjoy it without running around stressing about being late.

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Enjoy your morning tea with a beautiful sunrise and delicious breakfast.

Use a planner, calendar, organizer to visually and literally plan your life out. Try colorful pens, sticky notes, highlighters, phone calendars, and reminders to help you plan out your life.

The planner just gives you a visual to see what events, dates, and free time you have. It also lets you mark off what you have done and see what else you need to do, great visualization for those who are forgetful like me.

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Make the planner bright and useful for your personal needs.

Thanks for reading lovelies and let me know what other articles I can write for you.