Sometimes the truth isn't pretty. Sometimes a lie is beautiful, but there are times when you have to come clean.

You knock yourself down because of stress & worry & misery. You ask yourself questions that are heartbreaking.

-Why am I the odd one out?
-Why am I the fifth wheel?
-Why didn’t I get invited to the party everyone else is going to?

Your friends hurt you, yet sometimes you’re the happiest with them. You can’t bear to leave them. They make you smile & laugh yet also cry & tortured. You know you’ll always support them, even though they might not support you.

Reality Check:
People are going to say find new friends. In some cases this works, but what if you can’t let go.

Some Advice:
1. Being different is ok. I like to say “be a snowflake.” Every snowflake is different, yet every snowflake is beautiful in their own way.

2. When you’re feeling left out, you must say something. Take action before your friends think it’s ok to leave you out of things. If they start to include to you more, that’s progress :). If not, some people don’t change, and you guys might not have meant to be at all.

3. Everyone hates being excluded. The sad thing is most people have been left out at least once in their lives. I know I have. If they didn’t want you there, then that’s there lost. But think about it, do you really want to go to a person’s party that doesn’t value you enough to invite you?

You matter. You're beautiful. You're perfect. Your different & that’s a good thing. Put you first, because you are your most important priority.