Hey guys,
After my last post I decided to write a March Trend Inspiration because everyone seemed to really like the February Trend Inspiration, so here goes:

Link to February Trend Inspiration:

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1. Pastel colored tops

friendship, pastel, and instagram image highlighter, brandy melville, and pastel image fashion, alien, and clothes image quotes, blue, and aesthetic image

2. White Boots

boots, shoes, and white image boots, high fashion, and off white image aesthetic, alternative, and fashion image fashion, shoes, and white image

3. Minimalistic Purses

fashion, outfit, and style image nails, Givenchy, and bag image adidas, beautiful, and chic image fashion, chanel, and style image

4. Matching Sets

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, dress, and white image fashion, champion, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image

5. Rompers/ Jumpsuits

autumn, burnt, and burnt orange image brown, fashion, and girl image fashion image fashion, style, and outfit image

6. Strappy Heels

beautiful, fashion, and girl image beautiful, beauty, and fashion image shoes, black, and heels image Image by Pleasing TT Eye


1. White, green, and blush tones

home, interior, and decor image home, bedroom, and room image bed and home image bedroom, decor, and interior image

2. Natural Lighting (windows)

girl, city, and hair image city, bed, and view image Image removed architecture and design image

I hope you guys enjoyed it,

Olivia Rose Blair