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Chapter Twelve

“It isn’t Nathan,” I say. Kyle’s absurd for even thinking it’s Nathan. Wouldn’t he know it before? Wait a second… “Wait, wouldn’t you already know who my potential killer is? I mean, you knew I was Abigail or whatever her name is.”

“Aislin,” Kyle corrects.

“Yeah, whatever. How did you know I was Aislin and don’t know who’s trying to kill me?”

Kyle rubs his forehead. “Well, there is a possibility I was given the incorrect information. Satan sent his minion out to find you, Azazel. But he’s been out of reach for decades. By this point, it could be anyone who is out to get you.”

“What?” I yell. Kyle winces. “You don’t know who’s trying to kill me! How in the world could you not know?”

“It was a misunderstanding in information. This is not my fault.”

“Like heck it isn’t!” I try to take a deep breath. It’ll be okay. Everything will be fine.

“I’m not sure it will be fine, Emma.”

I glare at Kyle. “Would you get out of my darn head!” I close my eyes. “This can’t be freaking happening.”

“But it is,” Kyle says.

“You know, if you’re trying to be reassuring, it isn’t working!”

“I apologize,” he says above a whisper.

I pull out my phone and shoot Nathan a text. Is it possible to meet now?

“What are you doing?” Kyle asks. “Are you Googling who Satan’s minion is? I hear Google is very resourceful for that.”

“Just shut up!” I look up at Kyle. “And no, Google does not help with that. If it did, we wouldn’t be in this situation. Gosh, you’re so stupid.”

As quickly as the text sent, I got a response. Yeah, sure. Leaving now.

I smile and put my phone in my back pocket. “I’m leaving.”

“What?” Kyle asks. “Where are you going?”

“To meet up with Nathan at The Lookout.”

I run upstairs to change. Maybe today is a dress day. As I walk into my room, I feel Kyle radiate power behind me.

“You can’t leave,” he says as he follows me into my room.

“I’m going. End of discussion.” I walk into my closet and grab a pink sundress. Quickly, I change out of the clothes I slept in and slip on the pink dress.

“Emma, it isn’t safe to go. We still don’t know who is after you.” His voice sounds weird. Panicky.

I walk out of my closet and put on my sandals. “I’ll be fine. I learned self-defense in high school. Plus, it’s just Nathan. We like him.” I start for my door.

“No, Emma, you can’t go,” Kyle says, grabbing onto my arm.

“Why not?” I ask, my patience starting to wither away. “Why not, Kyle? It’s just Nathan.” He has no answer. “Honestly, why should I even trust you? You’ve only caused me pain and kind of given me reason not to trust you.”

“Emma, something bad will happen to you if you go.”

“How do you know?” I ask. “You don’t know who is out to get me, so how do you know something bad will happen?”

“I have a feeling.” Kyle looks at me. “Please trust me. You’ve known me for decades. You know to trust me.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. I’ve only known you for a day.”

“Emma,” he pleads.

“No, forget this. You know nothing. I’m going. You can’t keep me from going. When I leave, I want you out of my house and out of my life.”

Before I give him a chance to answer, I pull my arm out of his grasp and head down the stairs and out of my house.


No one is here. I look at my phone. Nearly fifteen minutes has gone by. It shouldn’t take him this long to get here. I pull out my phone and text him. Where are you? I get a response within a second. Look behind you.

I look behind me. Nothing. This is fun. Still looking for me? Check the water.

Chills run down my spine. Something isn’t right. This isn’t Nathan.

You’re not Nathan.

Good job. Want a prize? How about a game for your life.


Nope guess again.

I look around me. Fog starts to roll in. Knots form in my stomach.

“Why does it always have to be fog?” I ask myself.

I take a deep breath and send another text. Show yourself, you coward.

Why do I need to show myself? You already know who I am, Aislin. Or should I say sister.

I can’t find my breath. Zack. It’s Zack.

“Emma?” calls a familiar voice.

I look up from my phone to find Nathan walking toward me. It’s a trap. This has been a trap all along.

“Nathan,” I say, trying to keep my voice even, “you need to go.”

“Kyle called me telling me you’re in danger. Were you telling the truth last night?”

Before I can answer, I see someone walk up behind Nathan. My dream flashes to mind. It was never Eric. It was always Zack. He’s the perfect disguise.

“Nathan, watch out!” I yell.

Just as Nathan turns around, he is tackled to the ground. Zack looks up at me and smiles a devilish smile.

“Sister,” he says, “it’s been a while. I’m surprised you never figured it out sooner. For months, I have been occupying this interesting being you call your brother. And you were none the wiser. When Kyle showed up, I knew my plan would have to hurry. Then Eric came. Perfect timing, too. While you wasted your time on him, I began to weaken you. You had no idea.” Zack smiles. "Then it was just a matter of getting you here. Being your brother has its perks. I could easily switch my name with Nathan's in your phone and you would have no idea. And it turned out perfectly."

“What do you want?” I ask.

“Well isn’t it obvious, dear Aislin? That beautiful power you possess.”

“You can’t have it. You’ll never win. Kyle will take you down.”

“Right, Kyle. Well, I’m not sure how your guardian angel will help since he was banished from heaven not too long ago. Poor Kyle.”

“You’re lying,” I say.

“I could be. And I could not be. But I guess you’ll never know, will you.” Zack looks down at Nathan. “Now what to do with you. I could spare you and take Aislin now, or I could have a little fun.” He smiles. “You have one day, Aislin. Use it wisely.”

Once Zack walks away, Nathan gets up. But just as he does so, Zack turns around and stabs Nathan in the side.

“One day,” he says. “Then your time is up.”

“No!” I yell as Zack walks away.

I watch as Nathan falls to the ground, gripping at his stomach. I run over to him.

“No, no, no. You can’t die on me. You can’t!”

“Ems,” he says, “I’m so sorry I walked away. I should’ve—”

“No!” Tears spill down my cheeks. “You’re not pulling a beast on me, do you hear me? I will not be Belle. You got it!”

Nathan tries to laugh but just ends up coughing.

“You’re crazy,” he says.

“Shh…” I say, pressing my finger to his lips. "Stop being an idiot.”

Nathan tries to smile that knowing smile of his, but it falters. Tears fall down on his shirt as I look at him. I can’t believe this is actually happening. I felt like I just got him back. He came here. And now it’s my fault he’s hurt.

“Ems,” he starts again. “If I die…”

“Stop,” I interrupt again. “You are not going to die. I forbid it.”

“For one second, be realistic, Emma.” I stare at him. “If I die, I want you to know I love you. I always have. Ever since,” he coughs, “ever since you smashed that cherry pie in my face.”

“That was sixth grade,” I whisper.

“I know,” he says with a slight smile. “Promise me you won’t go all ‘sad monkey.’”

“Nathan, I can’t—”

“Emma, please. Promise me.”

I hear sirens in the distance. Kyle must have called 911.

I swallow the lump in my throat and nod. “Okay, I promise.”

Within minutes, an ambulance arrives. I watch as they transfer him into the vehicle. From what I heard, he’ll be fine and they got the call just in time. Hearing that made me feel a little better, but not completely. After answering questions, I find Kyle standing by the trees. I walk over to him.

“That should have been me.”

“I’m sorry,” Kyle says. “I truly am.”

I look out at the road. “It’s Zack. It was always Zack.”

I sit down on the ground and take a deep breath. I can’t cry right now. I can’t. But unfortunately, my feelings and brain didn’t get the memo.

Author's Note

Please don't hate me. I had to do it, okay? It's for the good of the book. Please understand. Don't worry, I nearly cried too. I feel your pain with you. But I hope you enjoyed the chapter. Did you see that twist coming? (To be honest, I never actually planned this, but I'm so glad I did because I don't see this in books often.)

Thank you for reading chapter twelve of The Girl Who Can't Be Moved. I felt the pain with you. Also, who else likes Kyle's character? Are there any quotes that you loved in this chapter? I have a few. (If you want me to do a Q and A for the book, I think that would be super cool. Send me some questions and I'll put it in an article. I might even have a contest soon too.) Like always, I would love to hear your feedback. :)

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