My first entrance is about the little things. I think God creates precious moments for us when we feel disappointed or let down, when we feel like there’s nothing good left on this earth like the world hasn’t been good to us. When we are done, after having your head down for so long you finally decide to look up and ask God why? And then.. then you see a little boy smiling at you in the park or an old couple holding hands, a young love showing some PDA on the street, a mother cleaning her daughter because she made a mess of herself eating ice cream, a little girl telling you she likes your dress or an old lady saying you’re beautiful and you remind her of her daughter, the one that left because of her studies. Those are some of the moments that I find valuable, isn’t it great? Instead of seeing the mother and the father fighting you saw the kid smiling at you, instead of seeing the girl on the bench crying because she just had her heart broken you saw the happy couple. Instead of talking to the grumpy old woman that is going to tell you all the reasons why she thinks this generation is ruining the world, you talked to the one that when she saw you she thought of her beautiful daughter and how proud she is of her.

Now, why did that happen? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe God doesn’t want you to feel any worse? That the universe in general is collaborating and thinks that showing you happiness will make you feel a little happier? That your brain doesn’t want to break down any longer, so it puts away all those negative images and makes you see the good things in life. Things that make you feel relive and suddenly your mood changes and maybe you’re not completely happy but at least you know you can be, and you will leave that place trying and hopefully helping those who can’t see it.

Life is about the little things, the ones that cause a big feeling. The ones that make you think that the world, can actually be a good place.

Next time, make sure you see that.

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