Music is the strongest form of magic.
- Marilyn Manson

Lorelei Faust


† Raise Hell - DOROTHY
† Let The Record Show - EMILIE AUTUMN
† Enjoy Your Slay - ICE NINE KILLS
† I'm No Good - NEW YEARS DAY

† Forgive Me Mother - THE RELENTLESS
† Scarlet - IN THIS MOMENT
† The Fighter - IN THIS MOMENT

band, american satan, and black image american satan, andy biersack, and ben bruce image
I choose my fate. It's never too late. Looking through the gates... The Devil awaits
eyes, black, and demon image art, hands, and pale image
Let’s Bury The Hatchet... In Your Head - ICE NINE KILLS

Marilyn Manson image angel, art, and statue image
This is the House of Death. Even angels die in the arms of Demons
band, circus, and music image alternative, red, and romance image
Only In The Morning - THE VENETIA FAIR

light, red, and sinners image dorothy, hard rock, and music image
Young blood, run like a river. Young blood, never get chained. Young blood, heaven need a sinner. You can't raise hell with a saint
abs, belly, and boobs image rose, red, and aesthetic image

Evan Rachel Wood, girl, and Marilyn Manson image angel, black, and Devil image
I know you're not just what you say to me
grunge, light, and neon image blood, aesthetic, and red image
Epidemic - NEW YEARS DAY

Abusive image Emilie Autumn and pink image
Turning tricks with absent guile, reeling in your crooked smile. Why did I turn to you? I only wanted a hand to pour my heart into
asking alexandria image bed, relax, and repose image

The Shining, blood, and Stanley Kubrick image ice nine kills image
If you need help finding piece of mind don't hesitate to axe. They can see the vacancy so say goodbye to sanity
Abusive image drugs, satan, and cocaine image
Everybody Sells Cocaine - MOTIONLESS IN WHITE

alternative, band, and dark image red, rose, and aesthetic image
My insides are cold and bitter. I'm no good at regret, proud to be such a mess, I wear it on me like a scarlet letter
quotes, grunge, and mind image cross, grunge, and dark image

addict, satan, and tattoo image Mature image
Forgive me mother for I have sinned by being what my father's always been
dark and patch image black veil brides, bvb, and andy biersack image

motionless in white, chris motionless, and miw image motionless in white image
And I'm living one big nightmare, the ugly truth has a model face. Making saints out of useless pop stars... Where's the intelligence?
quotes and Devil image angel eyes, new years day, and motionless in white image
Angel Eyes - NEW YEARS DAY

hand, tattoo, and brass knuckles image motionless in white and miw image
They try to bend, they try to break me by design. But I am the nightmare that will haunt you in the light
✝ image police, grunge, and Law image
Unholy - BLACK VEIL BRIDES; originally by KISS

blood, hands, and red image in this moment image
They will never know all the blood we shed, the scarlet cross we bear until the bitter end and they, they can never know just what we’ve done.. I will never let you go
Image removed car, explore, and green image
Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back - MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE

dark, gif, and music image
I don't need you to save me. I don't need you to cure me. I don't need you and your antidote, for I am my disease
Abusive image
The Beautiful People - MARILYN MANSON

Not to be missed out

† Bitches Brew - CROSSES

anchor, unholy, and adventure time image
As the moon ascends, the wolves come out to see the end. They hide from view and wait to watch the ghost inside you come awake. And when the shots go off, you hear them call. My heart is racing just to see it all; to watch you crawl out of your changing shape, take all your breath and watch it come awake

† Black Wedding - IN THIS MOMENT feat. ROB HALFORD

blood image
Priest are you there? Can you hear my voice? Will you hear my prayers? Are you out there? Forgive me priest for I have sinned. [I know not what I do]

† Blood Honey - MARILYN MANSON

You only say that you want me when I'm upside down

† Dance With The Dead - GET SCARED

dance, skeleton, and dark image
And if I die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take and if there's none, oh well.

† Don't Feel Quite Right - PALAYE ROYALE

There’s something in the air tonight. Must be the way she’s looking at me. Is there something wrong? Is there something wrong with me?

† Goodbye Agony - BLACK VEIL BRIDES

amazing, music video, and Piercings image
Lived and learned from every fable written by your mind. And I wonder how to move on from all I had inside. Place my cards upon the table, in blood I draw the line

† Hell Is For Children - THE RELENTLESS

They cry in the dark
So you can't see their tears
They hide in the light
So you can't see their fears

† Immaculate Misconception - MOTIONLESS IN WHITE

bands, black, and motionless in white image
I am who I am, this is what we are, I don't care if this offends you, or your worthless God

† I'm Not A Vampire - FALLING IN REVERSE

alone, christmas, and bc image
I'm insane. Well, I can feel it in my bones, coursing through my veins... When did I become so cold?


bands, frank iero, and gerard way image
We're damned after all.

† Me, Myself & Hyde - ICE NINE KILLS

There exists no good
Only unrealized evil
I'll bring hope to the sinners
And death to the people

† Misfortunate (Let's Talk) - GET SCARED

eyes, green, and grunge image
So let's talk. Sit down darling let's talk. Those green eyes could only get you so far

† Mother - PREP SCHOOL (Danzig Cover)

neon, light, and red image
Not about to see your light, but if you wanna find hell with me, I can show you what it's like

† Mr. Doctor Man - PALAYE ROYALE

There is a little story I'd like to tell about this little boy who came from hell. Sit right there and listen real good, I'll tell you all the ways he's misunderstood

† Murder - NEW YEARS DAY

lips, red, and blood image
I'm out of love. Now I'm out for blood. Will this be enough? Dearly departed, we're just getting started. Are you broken-hearted?


Abusive image
[I can't cut you out!] Your tongue like a knife! Your eyes cut like daggers! I don't feel a thing 'cause I'm so dead inside!

† The Sharpest Lives - MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE

poison, aesthetic, and neon image
So you can leave like the sane abandoned me

† The Sideshow Tent - THE VENETIA FAIR

Stop fucking staring at me, dream your hysterical dreams .
Since this is the way things are explained the way things seem .

† The Strangest Stranger - GET SCARED

grunge, black, and sad image
I can hear the children talking, screaming you're a wreck. If you think you're so convincing, where's your self-respect?


eyes, fear, and Lyrics image
I curse not the wicked, I praise not the blessed


body, body part, and Boob image
January is the color of her skin. February are her lips so inviting


gif, whore, and in this moment image
So maybe next time when you cast your stones, from the shadows of the dark unknown, you will crawl up from your hiding place and take a look in the mirror, see the truth in your face

† You Never Looked Like This - THE VENETIA FAIR

But god knows I wanted to find you
'Cause I'd forgotten the color of your lips


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