What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself?

"All bodies are good bodies," the thoughts swirling in my head; images. Love Handles.
"Calories don't count," i wished, eating my fifth piece of celery. Cellulite.
"Pounds are just numbers," i said to myself softly, encouragingly. mine were just far too high. Fat.
Image by •laur• Abusive image

but hey, it is okay.

I am working towards being more okay with my weight, more loving. I am not overweight but I am also not Kim K or bikini ready. Although I do:

  • work out,
  • eat "right",
  • do not shame myself for nourishing my body, and most importantly,
  • give myself time
Image by •laur• Image by •laur• Image by •laur• Image by •laur•

Until next time, laur <3