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Tip #1: Apply highlight with a damp beauty blender

  • Once you're done setting your face with powder, instead of using the brush you would normally use. Try applying your powder highlight with a damp beauty blender/ beauty sponge, This will give you a very smooth application.
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Tip #2: Don't set your cheekbones with powder

  • If you're looking for a way to have your highlight appear wet on the skin. Avoid setting the cheekbone area Where you normally highlight. Once you're done with foundation and concealer set every other place but your cheek bones. (Or any area you normally highlight ) Your highlight will look less powdery and melt more into the skin giving it a more dewy and wet look.
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Tip #3 : Cream highlight

  • Using a cream or liquid highlighter as a base before applying your powder highlight will make your highlight brighter. Some of my favorites are the benefit watts up cream to powder highlight and the abh liquid glow.
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Tip #4 : Setting spray

A setting spray could be used multiple ways

  • 1) spraying your brush before dipping it into the highlight.
  • 2) Spraying your whole face and then apply highlight while your face is still wet.
  • 3) Simply setting your face after you've applied your highlight will intensify it even more and give your face a more dewy and less powdery look.

If you try any of the first few tips You could also go in with a setting spray at the very end, Just to make sure you're makeup sets into the skin nicely.

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