Cozy. That’s the word I would use to describe my February. Not that it’s perfect, it’s actually been a pretty busy month but I love that – you know, when you do what you love all the time and you’re exhausted at the end but your heart is happy. Tired but full of love.

2. Bishop Briggs – Mercy
I just love the melancholy of this song. It goes great with watching snow fall and cover the ground as if to put it to sleep. She has a lovely voice, but it’s the instrumental music that makes her songs emotionally out of this world. Her poetry is perhaps a bit on the darker side, but she doesn’t deliver it in a sad way, if that makes sense, it’s just a…lovely melancholy of the snowfall. If you listen to the rhythm of the song closely it feels like a slow heartbeat, which is why it’s probably so calming.

5. We Heart It
Last but not least, an image-based social network, We Heart It. I’ve almost forgotten I had the account, but I’m so glad I remembered. This social network is so empowering, full of love and based on girls supporting girls – it’s a safe haven for all girls and women who wish to share their opinions without being attacked, it’s great for support and inspiration and it also has a lot of wonderful images. I find a lot of kindred spirits on there and I couldn’t be more proud to have such a lovely audience of strong women.

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