Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well! There has been a ‘tag’ going around where you explain colors using the letters of your name, and I decided to change that up and do my bias’s. This was actually by an article I saw earlier, so please check it out!

My bias is Park Jimin (was Jungkook but that changed, lol sorry but I still love youuuuuuu), so here is my bias’s name in colors!

(BTW, it’s his last name before his first, in case you’re a bit confused.)

P - Periwinkle

serendipity Superthumb
A soft, blue and purple mix

A - Amethyst

aesthetic Superthumb
A stunning violet gem

R - Red

aesthetic kpop
Red as in.... red

K - Key Lime

Superthumb Superthumb
An exotic, citrusy yellow/green

J - Jade

aesthetic kpop
An ancient dark green mineral

I - Icterine

kpop gudetama
A bright pastel yellow

M - Mandarin

Superthumb jin
A light shade of the vibrant oranges

I - Isabelline

aesthetic Superthumb
The simplistic elegance of white

N - Nadeshiko Pink

flowers aesthetic
A light pink shade

That’s all for today! Thank you all for reading! Also, credits to all the people that created these edits, because this helped a ton!!