Well I just don't know what to say

I once loved you so much
And I was so embarrassed
For two years I built up the courage to finally tell you

As soon as I did I regretted it
The way you hurt me was brutal
I stood to you and poured out my heart

And what did you do

You called me ugly
You called me fat
You told me no one would ever love me

That's what lead me to my mistake*

I don't hate you
Not anymore
Now I see how scared and un-confident you really are

But I'm thanking you cause if it wasn't for you
I wouldn't of had my mistake*
Which lead me to know

That I don't need anyone
I'm happy on my own
And the opinion of others doesn't even phase me
And I've realized all the boys like you are just scared
Scared of being alone
Of being un-loved