I was inspired to do this one by the following account:

Perfect guy [questions]

Adventurist or reliable?

Dad material or a career-chaser?
Dad material. I want to be with someone that will love being with our kids, not one that will never be home or anything like that.

Dog or cat person?
I'm allergic to cat, so dog person definitely.

Rich in money or rich in mind and soul?
Mind and soul. Money can't buy happiness and it can be the cause of so many problems that I don't have the energy to deal with.

Religious or non-religious?
I'm not really religious. It would be weird for me to be with a religious guy.

European, Asian, American, Afro-American, Aussie, Arab or African looking?
European (British!), American (Canadian!) and Aussie looking would be what I'm most attracted to.

Smiling with his mouth or eyes?
Smiling with his eyes.

Full or thin lips?
In between? Not too thin, not too full.

Sarcastic and witty or romantic and sensitive?
I'm sarcastic... I'd go for that one over the romance. I don't want things to be cliché.

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Beard or no beard?
No beard. Or not one that has more than a few days.

Funny or serious?
Funny... And serious. Someone that can adapt well to the situation basically.

Tall or shortie?
Tall. I don't want someone shorter than me. That would be awkward.

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Strong jaw or weak jaw?

Blue, green, hazel or brown eyes?
Blue, grey. I can't explain why.

Smart or hard-working?
Hard-working. I want someone that is (1) passionate about his work and (2) that can fix things in a house without the help of anyone (independent).

Boy in soul or manly and serious?
Boy in soul. Someone that is mature, yet likes to have fun, doesn't always take things seriously.

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Short, medium or long hair?

What colour should his hair be?
I don't really mind, actually. As long as he rocks it.

Any freckles?
I'm indifferent to this...

Long fingers or wide palms?
Long fingers without a doubt.

Perfect smile or a little bit crooked teeth?

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Popping-out wains or no visible wains on arms?
Popping-out. Don't know why I like it.

Wearing shirts or t-shirts most of the time?

Muscular or normal looking?
In between.

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Wide shoulders or six pack?
Wide shoulders.

Loves to dance or to cook?
Both. I need someone that can cook (don't wanna be the only one) and well dancing is fun.

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Loves playing video-games or outdoor sports?
Outdoor sports.

Wears watch or ring?
Both. Don't mind.

Loves taking you out to have dinner in some restaurant or taking you for a walk?
I'll go for the walk. Restaurant isn't really my thing.

Sweet tooth or crazy about salty food?
In between.

Tattoos or no-tattoos?
I don't really mind. I have some, but it's okay if he doesn't have any.