Do you see my brokenness?
Can you see that I’m a mess?
Would you always stand by me,
helping me my potential to see?

Could you take me by the hand;
help me fight and take a stand,
against those who don’t understand
the fact that I live in a different land?

Bipolar is the name of this place.
I wish to leave it without a trace.
It’s most unlikely I’ll be able to go;
I find I’m a prisoner filled with woe.

Perhaps I am only being naïve,
and I will soon be granted a reprieve--
though I am not really all that hopeful
there is no weight here I can pull.

No one has ever been allowed to leave.
All this land does is destroy and deceive--
housing sinister demons who want my life.
The darkness continually pounds me with strife.

These menacing fiends try hard to take hold,
I know to fight them, I must be really bold.
This land it seems is my cross to bear;
Some may think I don’t have a prayer.

I’m here to tell you I am not a quitter.
I most certainly don’t need a babysitter.
Understanding from people is what I need;
soon from this land I’ll be forever freed.

My life I am not referring to taking
I don’t want there to be any mistaking
I’m only traveling through, earth is not my home
One day I’ll live in Heaven, nevermore to roam.

By no means, I’ll not be sick even one day more
When I walk through pearly gates onto Heaven’s shore
Many days on earth I’ve suffered and cried
But it does not compare to the way Jesus died.

Thank you dear Jesus for saving my soul
I thank you too I’ll be made whole
I will live in Heaven for eternity
From the dark land I’ll forever be free

© 2016 Suzanna Jayne Mullins