Everybody haves bad days and, even it isn't happening to you, someone around you is passing through the same. So this is how you can be the light in the end of the tunnel in someone else's life.

1. Be Empathic
The first step of help someone is understand someone. And this is empathy. Empathy is the psicological capacity to feel what feels someone else that may be in the same situation that he or she are passing through.
So, try to understand what is happening and why it makes the other feels so down. Try to imagine what you would do if you were in the same situation.
This is empathy and, even you're not in the situation of this article, is a good thing to take for your all life (KeepsTheHack)

2. Talk with the person
It is so important: Talk with the person about the problem. And don't talk only about the problem, but understand the context. It may is the reason of the problem.
And know too how bad it is for the person. Sometimes you think this is a big problem, but, for the person, it's just a simple problem. So, know how bad it can be for the person, and always be sure that the person is comfortable with you inside her problem/ world / life.

3. Try to keep the control and pass calm for the other
Even if you are so much into the problem and you're feeling like this is your problem too, think that if this is bad to you, it's worse for the person. Than, even you are trying to solve the problem, show the person that you are calm, but don't act like you don't care for the problem. So, pass security and calm, but still caring.

4. More important than all the last points of it, this is a super important point:
Sometimes, even the more simple problems can not be solved. And you need to have this in mind. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to solve it, it just doesn't have a soluction. And we can do nothing. Well, this is life, and, ït's a beautiful life" (yes, you can read it like the song) (to say the truth, i was going to say to everybody to listen to this music, it's an important part of the life of a human lol) Now, backing to the article: So, even the problem was not solved, show to the person that you care for her, that you're there to her and that you will always listen and try to solve to her problems. Make her feel your love. Make her feel your care. Make her feel that she or he makes your world better, just because he or she exists.

So, understand that, even the biggest problems, are small near to the importance of feel that there's someone there to you. So, let's be empathy and love. This is why we're here in the world, to make the difference, to love and to show the love, to care and to show to everybody that love is the soluction of all of the problems we haven't solve yet.
More love to everyones of you.
With so much love, Nana.