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First off I just want to thank you for the love on my last article. I realized after writing that one though, I missed out on a couple of major movies so as promised that will be a later article.

But as promised now, here's my review on the #blackpanther movie. Cuz after seeing the movie twice by now, its not like I'm obsessed or anything…

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It's not like I memorized the whole plot by now, or I'm going to see it again this week… oh who am I kidding, that's exactly what it is.

So in case the title wasn't a clear indication enough:

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Major spoilers ahead. So do not, I repeat DO NOT read this if you haven't seen the movie.

Or unless your one of those who don't care to see it (and in that case we can't be friends, sorry), and just wanna know what happens, then by all means, at your own pleasure.

So, in this order, here on my thoughts about Black Panther:

***Inhales largely to display how I’m bout go IN***

10. Wakanda

Fictional tho it may be..Wakanda (for me) displayed the possibilities of what Africa & her resources could have been had circumstances been different. Had the country not been invaded, had greed (for its people/raw materials) not spread like a plague breeding things like prejudice, civil wars, and genocide, its inhabitants oppressed, kidnapped & enslaved for generations.. Wakanda was a beautiful example of what is possible when a system works for the benefit of PEOPLE instead of the benefit of any one person.

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9. The Attire Of Wakanda

This movie CRUSHED som many stereotypes that accompanied being African and having roots that lead back to that continent. It helps prove what we (those of us who do) already knew..that African style and culture far surpass mud huts..bare breasted women who’s only job is to keep a working uterus and illiterate men. I mean seriously..the gown Queen Romonda has on when her son returns home..the slayage she displays in council meetings..her flared hats (aka Isicholos)..

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what T’Challa wore when he woke up and spoke to his father the first time.

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What T’Challa wore when he spoke to his father the second time..what T’Challa wore when he walks into the room to sit on the throne..

Image by 100genuine

when he walks into the casino..

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what Zuri wore during the challenges..what W’kabi wore THE WHOLE MOVIE including the time he rode a rhino..the tribal representation of the Zulu..Masai..Lesotho/Sesotho (and MANY more I’m sure) people...in there wasn’t a moment watchin that film wherein I wasn’t just as impressed by what was worn in this story as I was with the actors tellin it.

8. The Dora Milaje..when they first appeared escorting T’Chacka to confront his brother

..(did NOT see him dyin comin btw)..when they did the “Wakanda Salute” as T’Challa returned home..when they rushed in to protect their king as W’Kabi lost his mind & ordered his men to TRY & kill T’Challa..Never have I EVER seen (black) women on screen like that. Fearless and empowered and showing the world that you don’t have to look like a man or be built like one in order to be strong enough &/or SKILLED enough to face one in a fight/on a battlefield.

7. Okoye (The General Of The Dora Milaje)

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Yup. She’s got her own number. If you’ve seen the movie..you know why. If you haven’t...just look at a still photo & you’ll know WHY. Strong. Stunning. She epitomized one who is unbothered/un threatened by what a woman is EXPECTED to be and does so still displaying her femininity/softness towards those she cares for. By the way..her decision to stay loyal to the throne despite who replaces T’Challa on it and command her warriors instead of leaving to help the Queen Mother/Shuri/Nakia....I tipped my spear to her cuz I’m not sure I woulda been able to do the same. That said..Wakanda ForEVER. (Totally just said that & heard her voice in my head)

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6. T’Chaka kills his brother & abandons his nephew

When that scene begins (fairly early on in the film) you understand why he was so disappointed seeing as his whole mentality is for the preservation and protection of Wakanda. You can also understand why N’Jobu did what he did (misguided tho it may have been on account of it meant getting into bed with Klaw) because what man with a conscience could see such oppression & suffering in the world (mostly suffered by black & brown), have what could be used to help & NOT wanna act. That said..I assumed N’Jobu would go peacefully. Unfortunately tho...that was NOT the case. I was in total agreement with T’Challa as he vented his anger & disappointment to 1st Zuri (the spy T’Chakka killed his brother to protect) then his father in his assessment that not giving his uncle a proper burial..leaving the body there for his son to find..leaving the son alone abandoned with no answers..created the monster who came to conquer Wakanda (then the world) by any means necessary.

5. Killmonger comes home...

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Ok...dude was BUSY. 1st he suckers W’Kabi into betrayal...challenges T’Challa for the throne..

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beats him in the first of two rounds of combat (side note...T’Challa going over that cliff..if your heart rate didn’t increase from the shock of it all..you need prayer)..

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kills Zuri (totally saw THAT comin)..drinks the Panther potion (totally think it coming from a purple flower was just for me call it crazy but whatever I’ve said worse)..takes the dirt nap..gets testy with his deceased father..wakes up..burns the flower bed in an attempt to make himself the LAST Black Panther..takes the throne..and basically sets the tone that Wakanda will now be an authoritarian regime under his rule that will conquer the world & kill all opposition. Once you knew his story tho..you could ALMOST empathize with why anger & revenge fueled his choices. Also..there was not a woman watchin this film that heard him (after explaining how he was NO OUTSIDER & had every right to be in Wakanda despite his methods of gaining entry) say “Hey Auntie..” and didn’t raise an eyebrow & think...”boy you betta QUIT PLAYIN..”lol 😝

4. Nakia..Shuri..Queen Ramonda..and M’Baku save the day

Ok. I don’t think any of us thought that even after being thrown off a cliff T’Challa had died. How anticlimactic THAT ending would’ve been. But idk bout YOU..the last person I assumed would help keep him alive was M’Baku.

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Nakia taking the flower to him in the hopes that he’d help set things right was to be expected seeing as he/his tribe was the only one missing from T’Challa & Killmonger's 1st battle. Her, Shuri, & the Queen humbling themselves enough to get ON BENDED KNEE and ask for his help however..was not (expected). Once he saw that tho..declining the Panther potion..showing them that T’Challa's heart still beat inside his broken body knowing they’d give him the flower/potion he totally needed to heal him/turn him back into who he needed to be to reclaim what was taken from him only to STILL decline to help fight what he felt was T’Challa's battle seeing as he/his tribe felt ostracized/forgotten by the kings of the past/present up till that point..was actually kinda understandable. Hoo..hoo..hoo..totally don’t know where that came from but just flow wit it as I continue.

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***Exhales & breathes deep once more***

3. T’Challa's return

After drinking the Panther potion & this time taking an ice (instead of dirt) nap to go give his dad a piece of his mind and decline his invitation to stay and become an actual Panther perched on a tree..T’Challa wakes up..warms up..gets turned down by M’Baku..leaves his mom in the mountains & takes Nakia & Shuri (which btw LOVED their sibling relationship in this movie..but moving on...

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… back to Wakanda totally ready to get re-throned or die trying. (Seriously tho..his walk up that field arms open as if to say “come at me bruh..”...so dope)

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Of course Killmonger wasn’t gonna let his new position go lightly and tried to dead all of Wakandas traditions on challenging the king..a rule W’Kabi was all to happy to enforce (especially since T’Challa appeared to have come alone) to the disappointment of bae...aka Okoye.
Seems dudes levels of betrayal knew no bounds. She (Okoye) & her Dora Milaje however obviously had other plans and once it was clear this was to be an unfair fight sided with who THEY KNEW was the rightful/better option/person as king & in the end..(M’Baku showed up (as I figured he would at the last second) good triumphed over evil.

2. Killmonger dies

Now I gotta say...terrible as he and his methods were..after Killmonger looses the 2nd fight with T’Challa by way of a spear to the chest...I expected different when T’Challa offered to try and have his sister heal him. A mercy I’m (pretty) sure would NOT have been reciprocated had he lost. I think T’Challa maybe felt that all that had transpired could have been avoided if his father had made different choices himself & maybe felt like at least OFFERING a to try and set things right...even if it meant saving the life of the cousin who tried quite ardently to take his. As many of you know tho..Killmonger declines..knowing that should he live..he would most certainly have to be held responsible for all he had done which (probably) meant one of two options. Exile...AGAIN...and/or imprisonment. He then uttered one of THE BEST lines in cinematic history (in my opinion) declining T’Challa's offer by saying...

”No. Just bury me in the ocean with my ancestors that jumped from ships because they knew that death..was better than bondage.”

Followed by him watching his first and last Wakandan sunset and well...just don’t look for him in the sequel.

1. T’Challa & Nakia

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Although not much was revealed about their love/relationship...you could tell early on that it was part of their past and (hopefully) their future. So for me..the reason these two take the number one spot in my countdown is because of all they represented. There were no concubines or kept women. T’Challa showed that a king alone can most certainly be a good leader. He can be completely grounded, capable, quick to adapt and make the best choices for his people....but T’Challa alongside (Nakia) a woman who is unaffected by his status, unafraid to speak her mind/challenge him (when she knows he’s better than who he is currently being), quick to believe in him & quicker to remind him of who he is and the heights he could reach once he steps out of his own way..a woman who is respected enough to be given the room to come into her own & be seen as a partner/an individual instead of just a beautifully owned trophy in a chair beside him..a king who is secure enough to recognize that there is so much more to being a mans queen than just having an opinionless female expected to wave and smile and agree on command..well THAT king..he inspires much more than just the approval and or acclaim of his partner/people. He inspires genuine love, loyalty, reverence and an unrelenting bond from all sides that real legacies are made of. And you could so tell that with the short yet impactful scenes these two had in this film...that in the films to come THAT is the kind of king T’Challa is going to be.

Ok...**exhales deeply** I’m done.

I went long..as is my way so..sorry NOT sorry (I loved this movie & it’ll probably never get old no matter how many times I see it..). Feel free to agree/disagree/be mad I let some of the cats out the bag but I complete this post knowing I’m right lol.

Needless to say this is my new favorite movie. It has affected me so much in a positive way and I will never get tired of watching it.

Now to end this article, I will leave off with some of the fine men I was shamelessly lusting over in this movie cuz they're fine af.

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Marry tf…

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outta me please...

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Image by 100genuine
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African, black panther, and culture image

(I think yall might have a wild guess who I like most in this movie 😏. Overall tho, they all fine af).

Hopefully you all see this movie cuz seriously, you will be missing out.

Alright, until next time,

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