hey guys
its me again
in this article i will talk about the series i have been watched and i will talk a litte bit about them
hope u enjoy

- teen wolf:

alpha angry Superthumb Superthumb
its my favourite serie ever, because i was 12 years old when I started to see it and it kind of marked me and since then I never stopped seeing, basically for those who like their natural supernatural will like this series

- hemlock grove

bill Superthumb series Superthumb
what I have to talk about this series ... it started very well, but then it became horrible ... so that the second season killed me ... sincerely bill happened to be one of my favorite actors after he made this role .. ..this series showed everything I had to show having one of the most spectacular finals I have ever seen

- shannara chornicles

Superthumb Superthumb fantasy the shannara chronicles
I started to see just because yes and I fell in love, both by the cast as by the history itself .... it was my first serie of elves and I have to say that it should be something to which to bet because in addition to being something captivating is something seen

- grimm

Superthumb grimm Superthumb Superthumb
I remember that it was the first serie that I started and I finished very quickly, because the cast is very good and the "wesen" are so well made that they seem real ... a surprising serie, since nothing was waiting for its unraveling and the fact that i thought it would be just another series of the grimm brothers but actually became something quite different

- the vampire diaries

tvd brothers Superthumb gif
i know, i know we all know this wonderful serie in which the damon is the best character of all time and a Greek god

- lucifer

Superthumb Superthumb boy gif
I just have to say that we should all meet the lucifer morningstar who lives in los angeles and who in addition to being the devil, piece of heaven, we can realize that even the devil manages to love and do good

- riverdale

riverdale Superthumb riverdale Superthumb
this serie speaks for itself, the cast the story the producer everything in her makes me want to never stop seeing ... for besides that has the FUCKING cole sprouse the GOD

- 13rw

13 reasons why Superthumb clay hannah
this serie was very deep to which I became very depressed because the human being manages to be so stupid and so ignorant and to think that in fact there are people suffering from aggression makes me think of why we are so hands and why to destroy happiness or even someone's life

- shadowhunter

shadowhunters Superthumb Superthumb shadowhunters
Guys this serie is so fantastic that I get to creepy, couple malec is something that I fully support because the actors have immense chemistry together, and not to talk in jace than my god. Is a serie that I consider that you have to look through each action of the actors, because the friendship to the family all these little promenores are something that make this series unique.

- american horror story

Superthumb boy Superthumb Superthumb
Evan Peters is going to be the actor that I'm going to take forever to life ... he managed to put in too many different roles throughout the serie .. all the roles with very different characters ... an actor I particularly admire because he has a different personality and gratefier

- stranger things

jonathan eleven finn stranger things
i don`t have nothing to say...this kids have my respect

I hope you enjoyed it and if any of them called you the attention they are going to watch because they are really worthy series, and the time .... it's not all because I'm a compulsive series soundsumidor, I think it's kind of a disease ... but I will do another article about other series that I see outside of netflix ... so this is it