Hello, I'm back with the 'Bias name in color series' This time I'm doing my female bias. My Ult female bias is from TWICE and her name is Sana.

S- Strawberry

aesthetic, drink, and pink image blue, pink, and soft image aesthetic, grain, and aes image aesthetic, pink, and kpop image


aesthetic, Bleu, and azur image blue, heart, and tumblr image photography image blue, heart, and tumblr image

N-Navy Blue

background, blue, and candy image blue, twice, and wallpaper image blue, comfy, and navy blue image blue, pink, and gif image
I hate that I had another blue ughh


twice and sana image apricot, color, and fruit image twice, sana, and kpop image

Alright thats it for today. I'm sorry it was short I assure you my bias wreckers name in twice is longer. Anyways bye have a nice day, Eden love you.