artsy, ring, and coffee image artsy, deer, and sweater weather image
A coffee a day keeps me awake


artsy, bee, and book image artsy, book, and candle image
I just read whenever I have time


fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and red image
I am a shopaholic!!!


cat, animal, and cute image dog, cute, and animals image
I want a dog, cat, llama, alpaca, monkey, parrot...


netflix image christmas, winter, and cozy image
I just watch movies and shows on a daily basis, I started friends a week ago and I'm on the fourth season. help I have a problem


art, brows, and beauty and the beast image drawing, art, and girl image
I love painting the most it's frustrating and calming at the same time.


polaroid, camera, and vintage image girl, city, and fashion image
Photography is a career I would want to do in the future.


best friends and friendship image comfortable, Courteney Cox, and David Schwimmer image
I just love hanging out with my friends especially going to new food places.


Image by 𝕚𝕟𝕟𝕒 airballoon, girl, and places image
Travelling is something I want to do more often, for now I've just been to Turkey and Canada and their both beautiful.