I have a really weird taste on music I can go from trap in Spanish to depressed songs in English, in the following list I will write my favorites song at this moment.

  • Where is the love? - Black Eyed Peas
Lyrics, black eyed peas, and where is the love? image
This song speaks the truth about problems occurring in our society.
  • Paradise- Coldplay
coldplay, encouragement, and feminism image
The lyrics are beautiful as the beats, I feel attached with this song for a reason.
  • Something's gotta give- Camilla Cabello
camila image
The lyrics is so emotional and it represents a lot of my passes relationships.
  • Yellow- Coldplay
coldplay, couples, and feelings image
Its so delicate and it has beautiful lyrics and it has a chill tone.
  • Everybody dies in their nightmares- XXXtentacion
Tired of feelin' like Im trap in my damn mind, tired of fellin' like Im wrapped in a damn lie.
  • S.L.U.T- Bea miller
pride, quote, and rainbow image
Its a really lovely song with full of confident lyrics and great for dancing.
  • Lost in you- Khai dreams
I'm just looking for some balance and some trust, I'm just looking for some mutual love, but all i get is unrequited
  • Watch- Billie Eilish
burn, fire, and heart image
The song is perfect and the lyrics are amazing.
  • Secrets- Onerepublic
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I love the theme and the lyrics kinda connects to my life.
  • Angel on fire- Halsey
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This song is my life.