Hello lovely people! Hope everyone's having a stupendous day! I saw @writerforlife do the #LetterByLetterChallenge, and I thought it was super cute and creative so here's my attempt at it!


🎶 SONGS 🎶 (that I listen to and love!)

♡ Escape My Mind - Grace VanderWaal
♡ Michael In The Bathroom - from the musical "Be More Chill"
♡ I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie
♡ Lane Boy - Twenty One Pilots
♡ Yellow - Coldplay

grace vanderwall image broadway, musical theatre, and music image twenty one pilots, blurryface, and music image 2002, british, and rock image
(L-R clockwise): Grace VanderWaal, Be More Chill, Coldplay, Twenty One Pilots

Check out my weird musical taste! https://open.spotify.com/user/emilyl1032?si=woE1ChXzQySVuJHbpfUVpg

🎬 SHOWS / MOVIES 🎬 (that I have watched before!)

♡ Enchanted - That's how you know!
♡ Miraculous Ladybug - MY CURRENT OBSESSION #ladynoir for life
♡ Inside Out - Not the best, but not the worst
♡ La La Land - Absolute magic
♡ Y - I can't think of anything lol

gif, Chat Noir, and ladybug image
aesthetic, indie, and pink image


♡ Egypt
♡ Malaysia
♡ Iceland
♡ Luxembourg
♡ Yosemite National Park

egypt, pyramid, and sunset image city, beautiful, and light image nature, mountains, and people image mountains, beautiful, and nature image
(L-R clockwise): Egypt, Malaysia, Yosemite Nat'l Park, Iceland
Check out my travel collection!

🍽️ FOOD 🍽️

♡ Eggplants - Am I weirding you out yet?
♡ Maple Donuts - A Canadian must
♡ Ice cream - Preferably vanilla!
♡ Lobster - Canada's coastal cities have the best ones!
♡ Yams - Give me a yam and I will be your best friend

food, donuts, and yummy image aqua, blue, and brown image


♡ Euphoric - Always happy and laughing at my bad jokes
♡ Musical - I play piano, violin, and ukulele! I love singing too!
♡ Intelligent - I love learning! #nerdalert
♡ Loyal - Something very important to me!
♡ Young? - I'm 17 :)

That's it for now! I want to know all of you guys! Send me messages if you wanna get in touch!