Lately I have been thinking a lot about you.
Maybe it´s because you are back in my life and I can´t help but wonder if this time your stay will be permanent.
While I was thinking about you, a thought crossed my mind.
I had read before that people often photograph what they love the most or what they are most afraid of losing.
And hey... maybe this it true because I love nature and my friends, and that´s exactly what I photograph the most.
So it got me thinking and suddenly I remembered that you always took unexpected pictures of me.
That kind of pictures that I hated because I wasn´t posing, doing my best to look beautiful.
You took pictures of me when I didn´t even notice. Like that one time we were in your car and I was laughing in the back seat.
At the time I thought you did it because you knew I didn´t like it and you were just messing with me.
But now I have the doubt of what was the real reason.
You always took them when I was laughing or smiling.
I recall you said that you loved my smile.... is that why?
Do you still have those pictures with you?
I want to know why you took them. Why not ask me to look at the camara and pose next to you?
So many questions I cannot answer, haunting me...

Funny huh? That we never took a picture of just us together. Not one.


Credits to the author of the picture