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This is also part of the #TheLovelyTag which I have been loving the articles about it, so I am doing my own.

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Ⅰ. What does love mean to you?

Love means you care for someone more than yourself. You put their needs above yours and care for them in their life. You enjoy making other people happy :)
In loving something, means your passionate and happy about it.

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Ⅱ. Why do you think we feel love?
We love people in our lives because we enjoy their company and personality around us. We realize that we have met someone who we connect with physical and emotional in our lives.

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Ⅲ. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I am a very cheesy person so I do believe in love at first sight. Sometimes you just know ♡

Ⅳ. Do you consider yourself a romantic person?
Yes I do. I love planning cute things for me and my boyfriend to do when we see each other. Even if it's something simple as playing cards, going out, or cuddling I love it all ♡

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Ⅴ. What in your opinion is the best part about being in love?
Having someone who loves and cares you. It on of the feelings in the world we all crave in our lives. Someone who is willing to put you in front of themselves is the bestest feeling.

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Ⅵ. Have you ever fallen in love of someone you can't have?
Umm no. I've had many crushes and such when they didn't like me back but not in love.

Ⅶ. What do you expect from the love of your life?
I can't have super high expectations when finding someone but one thing I do ask for is trust and willing to put in effort. My current boyfriend has great trust with me and is always making the effort to sustain our relationship♡

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Ⅷ. Have you already found the love of your life?
You can never really know these days but I quite possibly have found my guy for my life. I love him very much and we talk about our future goals all the time.

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Ⅸ. Do you think love can be forever?
Yes. if you truly love someone for your entire life, your love will last forever

Ⅹ. How do you make others feel loved?
Include them into your life and don't shut someone out because they seem different then you. Trust me you don't want to miss an open opportunity to get to know someone new.

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Thanks for reading! It is my birthday month so more articles to come soon!

~Lexi B