Life is going to be complicated at some points and there is going to be parts in life where we are just wanting to give up and cry.
Tbh one of the most complicated things in life is loving someone that loves somebody else, knowing that they don't love you back is the worse feeling that you can ever feel, right now in this very moment I'm going through this, loving somebody thats means som much to me and he doesn't love me back or in fact is in love with one of my friends.
I know its hard to get over somebody you love, you feel helpless and that you're never going to get over him or herm believe me I know it is hard but somethings that help me make it easier is writing down my feelings in a book or on my phone, basically a diary about how I feel, and just by writing down how I feel I empty my head and all of the feelings I have kept inside me and it is such relief writing them down you feel fresh and brand new.
Feelings are amazing, there is always going to be good feelings and and ones, it takes time to get over feelings and it really does work you just have to be patient and believe in yourself and just keep on reminding yourself that you can complete this and you will.
And remember you cannot kill feelings, it takes time ♡

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