Do you think sexual organs are like some sort of "second brain" and therefore the shape/sex of it matters? Well let me tell you a little something:

There is barely anything more important than the feeling of being valid and equal as everyone else. When that feeling gets taken away from you because of your genitalia - don't even get me started.

Do I want equality for men and women? Yes
Do I identify with today's feminism? No

And that fact is disgusting.

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A lot of today's feminists that are out there demonstrating for their right to show their breasts in public and not being judged if they choose not to shave their legs, probably don't know who that young girl is. Malala Yousafzai is one of the most inspiring women that ever walked on this planet and too many people ignore her existence. So I'm just going to beg you, if you don't know who this young woman is, please go on google and read through her wikipedia really quick because it is worth it.

Back to my point, the fact that today's feminism has taken a completely wrong turn, makes me want to throw up. Where are the people fighting for the real issues? How many people go on social media or even onto the streets, complaining about their breasts and body hair not being socially acceptable? How many people do it for the real issues women have to live with day after day?

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Please keep this in mind

Let me get you a little insight of what all those angry tweets and instagram posts should have been about:

  • Female genitalia mutilation
  • Women earning 20% less for the same job
  • Women having to lie about wanting children at job interviews
  • Girls in forced marriage
  • Girls not being allowed to go to school
  • Abusive marriages
  • Tampons and pads having "luxury" tax and razors for men those of "necessity" (at least in my country)

That right there, those are the problems you should be getting angry about and trying to change, because it's those that make our life difficult and the world a worse place.

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Why are there so many people making a joke out of feminism? Why are so many people making being a white, straight guy from a good family a crime? Want an example?

This particular example made me genuinely give up on today's feminism. I'm originally from Spain and if you're not, I genuinely hope you have not heard of this. However, in the name of my country, I will apologise in advance for what you're going to read.
Dolors Miquel, a "poet", decided to make a feministic version of the Lord's prayer. Even as an atheist I perceived how ridiculously wrong and disrespectful this was. I have translated her text, but I couldn't bring anything this incredibly vulgar to this beautiful website, so here is the less harmful version. The words written in cursive are words I changed in order to make it a little bit less horrifying:

Our mother, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy vagina,
epidural, midwife,
your call shall come to us,
your love, your strength,
thy kingdom of our uterus come,
on earth,
Give us this day our daily day (?),
and don't allow those son of bachelors
abort love, make war
get free
for the centuries of the centuries
let's go

Ok, I drop my case

Day 10 of my 30 day writing challenge

- Eli