We're all strange, we just become good, at pretending to be normal. -Atticus.

Hello today I am supposed to write about something someone told me that I will never forget.

So here it is.

First of all; this is so messed up because I just had the worse day ever and was not in a good mental health while writing this :')) Also English is not my first language but I try :'))

Someone once told me to stop worrying about the whole world's problems like I'm going to solve them All.

Sounds so easy, just shut your mind and ignore everything but it really difficult, it is not a choice it's how I am in my bones.
I can't help it but to worry if someone is having a problem, how are they going to fix it.
It s getting heavier, not like I can solve the world's problems.

The responsibilities I am getting myself into are Terrible.

But by the end of the day I feel satisfied, happier, and better than ever because I could help someone.


Thank you for reading 🌸❤