Hope you enjoy it and let's see if we have something in common!

Coffee or Tea?

life, coffee, and quotes image Image by Pykxova_Lera.1000
Coffee: I can't start my day without a cup of coffee

Rain or Shine?

cold, wet, and rain image gif, autumn, and rain image
Rain: The rain sound is so comforting

Sunset or Sunrise?

beach, calm, and relax image winter, snow, and nature image
Sunrise: The colours are so soft

Early bird or Night owl?

frost, winter, and nebel image room, view, and sunset image
Early bird: I just love woke up and have the whole day ahead.

Sun or Moon?

black and white, dark, and Darkness image moon, eclipse, and sky image
Moon: But however, I prefer the moon over the sun

Spring or Autumn?

red, autumn, and leaves image autumn and leaves image
Autumn: The leaves looks so beautiful on the floor

Winter or Summer?

snow, winter, and tree image snow, snowing, and winter image
Winter: I really like cold weather. /I'd love in my country to snow/

Rainbows or Stars?

stars, night, and sky image stars, galaxy, and sky image
Stars: They are so full of light

Piercings or Tattoos?

piercing image tattoo and bracelet image
Both: They look cool

Black&White or Colours?

bird, blue, and sky image quotes, alone, and sad image
Black and white: I think it represents life

Candles or Fairy lights?

candle, sea, and photography image snow, candle, and winter image
Candles: It's more romantic

Gold or Silver?

grey eye, grey eyes, and silver eyes image nails, tattoo, and henna image
Silver: I have always prefer silver over gold

Love or Money?

Image by ♡ love, night, and couple image
Love: Of course

Hugs or Kisses?

love, couple, and hug image couple, love, and kiss image
Both: Both are so sweet

T-shirt or Sweater?

fashion, jumper, and shorts image girl, girl power, and blue image
Both: Again...

Books or Movies?

cat, book, and black image Image removed
Books: A million times

Introvert or Extrovert?

dark, head, and quotes image quotes, aesthetic, and grunge image
Introvert: I keep a lot to myself

Sea or Mountains?

amazing, beach, and beautiful image moon, ocean, and sea image
Sea: The power of the sea

Rural or Urban?

we heart it+europe+home, world+welt, and beautiful+beau image autumn, city, and fall image
Urban: I like peace but I don't know why I prefer cities

Ice cream or Yogurt?

food, healthy, and fitness image food, strawberry, and breakfast image
I eat yogurt every time I'm hungry

Fruits or Vegetables?

amazing, FRUiTS, and hearts image fruit, breakfast, and delicious image
Fruits: I'd eat them all time but they're expensive 7-7

Tan or Pale?

Mature image accessories, beautiful, and girl image
Tan: Tan skins looks gorgeous

Chocolate or Vanilla?

beautiful, delicious, and ice cream image blue, delicious, and flower image
Vanilla: For no specific reason xd

Cake or Pie?

cake, chocolate, and food image cake image
Cake: Cake and cake

Cats or Dogs?

cat, snow, and cute image cat, cute, and animal image
Cats: They're so fu___ cute *w*

Pancakes or Waffles?

breakfast, morning, and waffles image coffee, heart, and waffles image
Waffles: So ñumy

Leather or Denim?

blue, converse, and embroidery image Image removed
Denim: It's more confortable

Facial hair or Clean shaved?

gif, teen wolf, and dylan o'brien image Copyrighted image
Shaved: They look cuter *w*

Jeans or Skirt?

girl, fashion, and style image girl, fashion, and clothes image
Both: I like different styles

Numbers or Letters?

book, vintage, and indie image alternative, write, and flowers image
Letters: Words are powerful

Theme park or Fair?

amusement park, city, and light image aesthetic, amusement park, and vogue image
Amusement park: There're many lights

Vans or Converse?

converse, black, and shoes image black, converse, and maroon image
Converse: They look great

That's all! Do we have things in common??